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Promoting Greek and Cypriot Gastronomy Tourism - vol.1

Getting ready for #WorldFoodTravelDay on April 18th!!!

Promoting Greek and Cypriot Gastronomy Tourism!

Developing Food tourism in Greece & Cyprus

Stay tuned!

World Food Travel Association

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Athenian Salad is an famous urban salad of the greek 60-70’s. The recipe was most famous among the chef’s creations in social receptions and buffets. The secret of our athenian creative version from our chef Sophia Teftsi is the fresh fish used in the ingredients , the homemade mayonnaise and the local full of vitamins crunchy vegetables. At Maiami Seafood Restaurant fresh local fish is the head ingredient for all our plates for over 75 years. We share the greek taste!

Maiami Seafood Restaurant.

Stuffed vegetables with rice and greek herbs cooked with extra virgin olive oil. The most well known vegetarian Greek plate that every housewife must know how to cook and every mother teaches to the daughter how to do it. It looks simple, but the taste is amazing and it matches perfectly with greek feta cheese!! @Ta Rolla Restaurant

Τα Ρολλά.

CUTTLEFISH WITH SPINACH Springwood, delicious combination of unique teste and smell because of the fresh herbs. Seafood with greens that has been known since antiquity...

Agios Efrosinos Restaurant

Cave matured goat cheese-Gravier: Where the history meets the mythology of Peloponnese , under the shade of eternal plain tree , the 1st house of Greek food promises you , to taste the real Greece. Some of our specialties are goat cheeses , from local shepherd who are still making cheeses with old traditional ways , up to 1700 m altitude, into caves –Zero km food!

1st house of Greek food-1ο σπίτι του ελληνικού Φαγητού

The authentic cyprus coffee, slow cooked in the sand in a special equipment we call it “outzakki” (hovoli).

Ο Φανός Θυέλλης - O Fanos Thyellis

Tsamarella, a goat meat delicacy that is a part of the variety of the appetizer meze

A Glass of Cyprus

Greek Breakfast in the taste of our hospitality! Home baked bread , cheese from our local producer ,tomatoes & olives from our garden !

Nine Muses Studios


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