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Top Tourism is an urban non-profit company with the aim of implementing and managing actions in relation to the promotion of Greek tourism and Greek culture.

The purpose of the company is to take initiatives and actions in every legal way to promote tourism in general in Greece, to strengthen relations with tourism agencies abroad, to promote innovative ideas and applications for the development of tourism and in general with any way of contributing to the progress of the wider disclosure of the Greek tourist product, but also of the Greek culture, as an ambassador of the Greek tourist product.


  • Organizing events to promote the Greek tourist product and Greek culture in Greece and abroad.

  • Organization of conferences, seminars, scientific symposia and lectures.

  • Organization of educational programs, seminars, etc.

  • Creation and organization of computer networks and distribution of know-how and technology.


Top tourism is an urban non-profitable company aiming to materialize and handle activities that will promote Greek Tourism and Greek Culture.

The goal of the company is to undertake all kind of legal actions and activities to promote Tourism in Greece, bond relationships with tourist agents abroad and promote fresh ideas and applications that will make Greek tourism further well-known as well as the Greek civilization, thus acting as a Greek Tourism ambassador.


  • Promotional events of the Greek Tourist destination in Greece and abroad.

  • Seminars, symposiums, conferences and scientific lectures.

  • Educational programs, forums etc.

  • We create and organize networks and data transfer, as well as support of the technology.

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